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Page Two

  IFM: Premium:     June 30 2006:   'inspiration' by gretta
For those of you that doubted this day would come, I say to ye of little faith, we shall prevail! Especially with the deeply sexual and candid Gretta on our side and appearing here on IFM to inspire more mature women to join our cause. Gretta is one special gal and to date the only contributor to successfully make me blush.
  IFM: Restricted: June 29 2006: 'dreamy' by olivia
Is it possible to be cute and classically beautiful at one and the same time? Can someone be the epitome of wholesomeness whilst simultaneously being sexy as hell and having an orgasm that nearly bends her double? "Well, like, duh Liandra... of course!" I hear you cry. And you'd be right on the money, as Olivia proves today.
  IFM: Premium:     June 27 2006:   'vigor' by katie_j
Many wise people have expressed the sentiment “with great power there must also come great responsibility”. Well, Katie J must be weighted down with responsibility because her technique and orgasm ooze power and strength in every sense. Though perhaps her only responsibility is a duty to share such intense self love with a world that is sorely in need of it.
  IFM: Restricted: June 26 2006: 'wiggle' by taj
There aren't many things I like more than contributors who have the same ambitions for their submission as we have for the website in general. If I had to name one off the top of my head it would be the adorably sexy wiggle technique that Taj has while masturbating, and those hold up stockings are simply perfect for emphasizing her moves.
  IFM: Premium:     June 25 2006:   'shooters3' by dandy&missy
Curiouser and curiouser... actually not only will curiosity levels be on the increase with this instalment, but also laughter, pulse, heart rate, hell just about everything will be on the rise. It’s time for you to sit back and let Dandy and Missy chauffeur you on the third leg of the already infamous shooters journey.
  IFM: Premium:   June 24 2006:   'sprinkle2' by jasmin:
We return to Jasmin in what can only be described as a higher state of orgasm. Not a single utterance passes her lips that doesn't sound like sex on soundwaves. Not a trace of awkwardness or inhibition in her demeanor, just an unspeakably beautiful most mesmerizing display of self love.
  IFM: Premium:     June 23 2006:   'naked flame' by deanne
Deanne turns up the heat with her scorching premium submission. The visual and aural effects are intense, and intensity pervades pretty much everything concerning Deanne. A potent woman of much strength, not least represented by the muscle definition on her sculpted body. Get on your protective goggles because sparks will be flying.
  IFM: Restricted: June 22 2006: 'elf_eyes' by katinka
In the preview I promised you flirty Mel but due to some technical complications Katinka is here to flirt with us instead, and flirt she does. From the million dollar pout, to the tasting of her fingers and that final glance from under her lashes…oh be still my beating heart!

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